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LA TOULINE - Boat rentals, Training for coastal and offshore licence

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Rent a boat with La Touline

You already have a boat license? La Touline offers its training ship for hire. For a half day or a full day off to explore the coast of Reunion island with your friends and your family (up to 7 people), aboard a 6.55 meter open hull boat.

La Touline works closely with diving schools and other tourism service providers to help you maximize your stay in Reunion. La Touline offers indeed formulas which include boat license + first dive or boat license + first microlight flight.

Boat licenses offered by La Touline

La Touline offers training to get your boating license to navigate the sea and / or inland waters.

• Motor boat license:

- Coastal license:
This is a permit that allows you to navigate around the coasts, less than six miles from a shelter.

- Offshore license:
This permit allows you to sail the high seas over six miles from a shelter on the coast.

• Licenses for inland waters:

- With Inland option:
This option allows you to drive a pleasure boat the length of which does not exceed 20 meters.

- With Inland yachting option:
This option will be essential if you want to navigate inland with a pleasure boat the length of which exceeds 20 meters.

Coastal or Jet Ski license with La Touline

Nine hours of theory and a little more than two hours of practice test before you expect to sea. You can do all the theoretical part online at your own pace and at your convenience. Theoretical training can also be done on site.

Then come 2-3 hours sailing which will be preceded by an hour clinics before taking the sea.

The training offshore license with La Touline

The offshore license will be essential if you plan to sail the deep seas. La Touline offers comprehensive training divided into 24 hours of lectures and 4 hours of mock exam. The final exam lasts an hour and a half.

This training is divided into six chapters through which you will learn to calculate a course, read a map, taking into account the wind, current, and plot your route. During training for offshore license, you also learn how to use marine instruments for night navigation, you will learn navigation in heavy weather, as well as calculate the depth of water available and calculate the water levels of the tide. Meteorology will also be part of your training program.

La Touline is also the authorized distributor for Wear is my boat.
This revolutionary process is an innovative textile that can prevent motion sickness: put it on and you won't feel seasick, airsick or carsick any more!
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Training Rates

La Touline offers all-inclusive packages
(tax stamps + theoretical training + practical training)

• Coastal + Inland water licenses with classroom training: 700 €
• Coastal + Inland water licenses with online training: € 630

• Coastal + Offshore licenses with classroom training: € 1,150
• Coastal + Offshore licenses with online training: € 1,015

• Coastal + Inland water licenses with classroom training: € 1,200
• Coastal + Inland water licenses with online training: € 1,100

Boat rental rates

Half day (excluding fuel)
€ 130 (weekdays)
€ 140 (weekend)

Full day (excluding fuel)
€ 200 (weekdays)
€ 230 (weekend)

Half-day including fuel *
* 50% = 50 liters
€ 210 (weekdays)
€ 220 (weekend)

Full day including fuel *
* 50% = 50 liters
€ 280 (weekdays)
€ 310 (weekend)

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