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ZAFER LONTAN - Museum and art gallery in Cilaos

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Zafer Lontan opened in 2010 after a little more than 15 years of collection and 7 years of building. It houses two structures in one.

Jean-Luc’s passion and love for these objects was born after a simple pestle was received as a gift; that’s when he felt a very strong feeling about the soul of Reunion.
The first part of the structure is an art gallery that showcases the works of artist Jean-Luc TECHER, engraver and sculptor.
You can also find souvenirs such as framed embroideries from Cilaos, postcards, bookmarks.

The second part of the structure at the rear of the building begins with an alarm clock that does not work; it intends to show that time has stopped in order to make this wonderful journey back in time.

This section is dedicated to the cultural heritage of Cilaos primarily, but also of the whole island. Jean-Luc delights in objects witnessing our elders’ old way of life.

Art is passion. All of Jean-Luc’s work is developed around a concept we find in his works as well as in his museum. He expresses his love of antiques through his etchings. The museum and the gallery are complementary. One cannot exist without the other. "Everything is language. Every object has a story to tell. The more it has lived, the more resonance it has because it is more charged in emotions." This is what keeps the charm of ancient objects.

But visiting the Zafer Lontan museum is not like going to the flea market. Here nothing is for sale. All is left to your contemplation and admiration.
Dwarves Tina and Martial’s hut, villagers of Palmiste-Rouge who died there long ago, was built to their size and it is almost a century old. The crazy idea of acquiring it, dismantled piece by piece, stone by stone, makes it today the most remarkable piece of the museum.

You will be welcomed by Cyndie TECHER who will give you the necessary explanations to go through the visit.


Opening hours:

10 am – noon
1 :30 pm – 5:30 pm

Closed on Tuesdays and Sundays

Our rates:

5 € /adult
4 € / child 6 – 10 y.o.
Free for children under 6 y.o



Maison Zafer Lontan
30 B, rue St Louis
97413 CILAOS

Reunion Island

Telephone : 02 62 31 94 21
Mobile : 06 92 03 61 48

Lat. : -21.137804
Long. : 55.471149

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