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Wine festival in Cilaos

For the Saint Vincent, Cilaos invites you to discover the red wine of Reunion island.
The wine festival in Cilaos

Fifteen days after the kick-off of the harvest, the team of the " confrérie du pied de raisin " celebrates the patron of winegrowers. The opportunity to extend and promote the reputation of the wine of Cilaos and for you to enjoy it.

After long produced a wine from grape Isabelle introduced to the island in 1665, the cooperative of wine of Cilaos developed since 1996 these oenological research. Today the wine is recognized with a certification "wine country." It produces since 2007, 30,000 bottles per year of premium wine from grapes such as Chenin, Gros Manseng, Malbec, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Gamey, or Verdelho on the highest vineyard in France but also one of the smallest with its 13 hectares. The volcanic soil gives the product its mineral character but the rugged terrain and tropical climate can not expect big returns.

The festivities will open with a wine tasting at the fair, followed by street performers like stilt walkers and jugglers, a picnic, a torchlight parade but also jazz concerts. A program on two days, on 21 and 22 January. Attention, aspirin is not included!


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