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DÉDALE ESCAPE GAME - Life-size escape game in Le Port

Let yourself dive into a strange and disturbing universe, and get out of there by collaborating in teams of 3 to 6 players!
In 60 or 90 minutes maximum, in realistic settings, your team will have to solve the riddles that will allow you to carry out your mission ...

Want to celebrate a birthday, a bachelor party, a company Christmas, a team-building session between colleagues? Or just a fun time with friends or family?
All reasons are good to live an original, playful and informative experience, in realistic settings, a game of life-size escape…

Please note:
- Players must get on site 15 minutes before the start of the adventure, for a 10 minute briefing.
- Effective game session: 60 minutes (La Buse or Z-55 Virus) or 90 minutes (Sarah).
- At the end of the adventure, debriefing with the players, and souvenir photo in costumes!
- Casual dress recommended (shorts or pants, sneakers)

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Three atmospheres are available to you:

La Buse: The Secret of the Lost Treasure (inspired by a true story)
The famous pirate of the Indian Ocean, Olivier Le Vasseur, called “La Buse” (The Buzzard), gave a lot of trouble to his pursuers of the time ... Some still seek the treasure that the ingenious buccaneer says to have hidden on the island . What if it’s true ? What if it were for you ?
Within the time of an hourglass (60 minutes), you will have to make every effort to decrypt the cryptogram that will lead you to its mysterious booty ...
You’ll encounter many surprises ...
- 3 to 6 players
- 60 minutes
- Difficulty ****
- Minimum age: 10 y.o. if accompanied by an adult / 16 y.o. without an adult

Z-55 virus
Stress is at its height: a terrible pandemic has spread over Reunion Island!
As one of the few survivors, you know that your only chance of survival is to show courage and common sense to bring back the antidote that will put an end to this terrible epidemic developed by unscrupulous scientists. Both the virus and the vaccine are in the same place: a pharmaceutical laboratory the destruction of which has been scheduled in 60 minutes ...
- 3 to 6 players
- 60 minutes
- Difficulty ****
- Minimum age: 12 years old (if accompanied by an adult)


Under the spell of this old building, Sarah's family has just moved into the Hoaren mansion, without worrying about whether all its inhabitants have really left it...
Help Sarah and her parents face the ghosts of the past by keeping your cool to solve the puzzles that will soothe the spirits...

- 3 to 5 players
- 90 mins
- Difficulty ****
- Minimum age: 14 years old (1 adult for 1 child)

Give your loved ones an original gift that will surely make them happy, a moment of sharing and an extraordinary adventure with Dédale’s Box, our gift voucher!
The recipients of the voucher can choose their mission, day and time, thanks to the gift code provided on the card (provided by email, printable at home and valid for 6 months).

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  • Photo 1 : Virus Z-55
  • Photo 2 : Virus Z-55
  • Photo 3 : Virus Z-55
  • Photo 4 : Virus Z-55
  • Photo 5 : Virus Z-55
  • Photo 6 : La Buse
  • Photo 7 : La Buse
  • Photo 8 : La Buse
  • Photo 9 : La Buse
  • Photo 10 : Sarah
  • Photo 11 : Sarah
  • Photo 12 : Sarah
  • Photo 13 : Waiting for sensations
  • Photo 14 : Great for team building!
  • Photo 15 : Gift voucher

We’re open
from 10am to 10pm
Sessions for La Buse or Z-55 virus
at 10am / noon / 2pm / 4pm / 6pm / 8pm

Sessions for Sarah
at 10am / 12:30 / 2:45 pm / 5:15 pm / 7:45 pm

Please get there 15 mn before the beginning of the session

From 3 to 5-6 players

Our rates
La Buse or Z-55 virus

3 players99 €i.e. 33€/player
4 players116 €i.e. 29€/player
5 players
130 €i.e. 26€/player
6 players138 €i.e. 23€/player


3 players120 €i.e. 40€/player
4 players136 €i.e. 34€/player
5 players
150 €i.e. 30€/player


Payment and reservations
-> by internet by clicking here
-> by credit card, check, Chekpays, holiday vouchers ANCV,
Pass Culture or cash on site

Information and pre-booking
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Period requested from :
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