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FIT-FUN - Fitness and bodybuilding in St. Gilles les Bains

FIT-FUN offers a variety of activities to suit your needs: bodybuilding sessions, sessions on cardio machines or group fitness classes.


The weight room is equipped with new or recent equipment for training on all the muscle chains of the body.
Series of dumbbells up to 80kg are at your disposal.


For your training, cardio machines are present in the room: Bicycles, Steppers, Rowing machines and Elliptical bikes.


Upstairs, a space is dedicated to abdominal exercises.

Fitness (group classes)

• CIRCUIT TRAINING: Dynamic Muscular Strength Training Course in the form of workshops. Postural course of muscle strengthening to tone up and get in shape. It constitutes a complete training of the body. You will burn up to 540 calories.

• STEP: Course focused on cardio and choreography. Ride, turn, move around your step on the music. Fun and playful; the basic fitness!

• High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): alternating training of intense efforts with short intercalated periods of recovering.

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• L.I.A (Low Impact Aerobics): Choreographed class with dynamic and motivating music. This fun activity is recommended for people wishing to develop endurance and coordination.

• HI LOW: This course is a combination of HIA (High Impact Aerobics) and LIA (Low Impact Aerobics), which allows to develop coordination and bring benefits on the cardiovascular and cardio-respiratory systems, always on rhythmic music.

• RENFO PILATE: Muscular strengthening course that solicits deep and superficial muscles.

• YOGA: Discipline of the body and mind that includes a wide variety of exercises and techniques based on physical postures, breathing and meditation practices, as well as deep relaxation.

• STRETCHING: Physical training based on the principle of contraction and relaxation of the muscles, prior to stretching.

• FUNNY DANCE: Muscle strengthening, cardio, flexibility, sensuality, refinement. Dance on any style of music!

• FLOOR BAR: Stretching inspired by the warm-up of classical dancers, transposed to the floor. We work on splits and positions while respecting the anatomy.

• TBC: Muscle reinforcement and cardio mix using specific equipment. Work and sculpt your entire body and increase your fitness.


Individual courses à la carte are given by a personal coach to support you in your goals, both physically and nutritionally.


We offer a range of BIOTECH products (proteins, fat burners, BCAA, ...).
The whole range with all the flavors is available to order!

At your disposal:

Showers and toilets.

Opening hours of the gym

Every day from 8 am to 9 pm


Fitness Classes Schedule
Fitness Classes Schedule


For members, possibility to book your courses online

Follow our news on our Fit-Fun Facebook page!

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Non-member rates
Day: 15 €
Week: 30 €
10 sessions book: 80 €

Member Rates
Includes access to the gym every day from 8 am to 9 pm
+ group lessons according to schedule

Per month65 €50 €100 €
Per trimester165 €135 €270 €
Per semester
300 €240 €480 €
Per year540 €420 €840 €


 Registration fee + member badge: 20 €

Information and pre-booking
Name * :
Mail * :
Phone :

Period requested from :
Number of persons :
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8, avenue des Mascareignes
97434 St Gilles les Bains

Reunion Island

(+262) 06 93 80 10 62
Lat. : -21.070654
Long. : 55.223996