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Beachfront restaurant in La Saline
Reunion Island, the perfect pot-pourri, offers you the world on a platter! Thanks to the contribution of its cultures from three continents and its regional produce, Reunionese cuisine offers a mix of tradition and innovation you can appreciate in the many restaurants ready to welcome you throughout the island.

For the pleasure of your palate, a wide choice of restaurants offers ambiances and flavors of all kinds: from beach restaurant-snacks to gourmet restaurants as well as “table d’hôtes”, to spend memorable moments with friends and family.

The Creole cuisine

table d'hotes grand bassin
The concept of a table d'hotes is very popular with tourists who discover for this occasion the warm and friendly people of Reunion. Most meals in tables d'hotes are usually served during a stay in a guest house. But one can also find some addresses that will serve lunch, in any case reservation is required. Lunch or dinner at a table d'hotes is the opportunity to mingle with local people, meet the bona fide residents from the four corners of the island, who will share with you their culture, their nature (cooked products are usually from the property), their vision of Reunion and their culinary traditions.
All guests are gathered around a table, so it is also an opportunity to chat with other visitors about their experiences on the island and, why not, to share beautiful addresses …

Meal carri table d'hotes
There is usually one menu available, but often two entrees are served at the table. Traditionally, the meal in Reunion consisted in a single dish, a cari (or carri or carry, as you want!) or rougail (see details on our page "Restaurants Est"), as these dishes are well-balanced in themselves (rice, beans, meat or fish in sauce, chutney). Nevertheless tables d'hotes have adapted to the demand, and, while remaining in the tone of Reunionese gastronomy, offer you a menu with an aperitif, a starter (salad of raw vegetables, chayote or palm gratin …), one or two entrees and a dessert (chayote, sweet potato or cassava cake ...). Wine is sometimes included in the menu, and so is the inevitable rum which will finish this moment of sharing on a high note.
As always in Reunion, each family has its history and its stories, that's why its cuisine also takes on the colors and flavors of this particular memory: Indian, Chinese, French, or more commonly typical Creole cuisine. Some of the houses that welcome you offer a spectacular view over the Indian Ocean, others immerse you in the lushness of a forest … that's why we advise you to "try" several addresses listed on our website!