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GRAND BLEU and DAUPHIN SAFARI - Tours at sea, St Gilles les Bains

All our outings are supervised by professional and experienced crews, who will take you closer to the marine fauna (while respecting the charter of approach) and welcome you aboard our ships with a warm welcome.

Services aboard the "Grand Bleu" and the "Dauphin Safari"

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The Safari Cruise (Duration: 2h00) :
For 2 hours go out to sea to discover the marine animals of Reunion while enjoying a breakfast or a local snack.
All year long you can watch dolphins, sea turtles, flying fish and birds. Humpback whales will be there only from June to October, during the austral winter, when they come to breed in our warm waters. 

Our qualified crew will be happy to inform you and answer all your questions about these marine creatures.

According to departure times:
Tea, coffee, water, fruit juice, pastries, soda, planter punch, water and samosas.

Onboard Grand Bleu boat or Dauphin Safari boat.

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Prices for the Safari Cruises

Adult (10% discount for people over 65 y.o.)35 €
Child (from 1 to 12 y.o.)19 €
Child less than 1 y.o.Free
Online reservation for SAFARI trip


• The Discovery Cruise (Duration: 1h15):
Join us for an exceptional cruise of 1h15 over 20 km, along the Reunion coast, direction of the bay of St Paul or towards St Leu. Enjoy a remarkable panorama and discover points view of historic sites commented by your Captain.

Onboard Grand Bleu boat.

Prices for the Discovery Cruises

Adult (10% discount for people over 65 y.o.)23 €
Child (from 1 to 12 y.o.)12 €
Child less than 1 y.o.Free
Online reservation for DISCOVERY trip

• The "Cocktail" Cruise (duration: 1h30):
A friendly and relaxed outing at the end of the day in front of a festival of colors: taste a delicious punch planter accompanied by samosas with the heady sound of a local music sega maloya

Soda, planter punch, fruit juice, water and samosas

Onboard Grand Bleu boat or Dauphin Safari boat.

Prices for the Cocktail Cruises

Adult (10% discount for people over 65 y.o.)30 €
Child (from 1 to 12 y.o.)18 €
Child less than 1 y.o.Free
Online reservation for COCKTAIL trip


• The "Tour d'horizon" Cruise (duration: 0h45):
Discover the intense island from new perspectives while letting you guide by the explanations of your captain.

Onboard Dauphin Safari boat.

Prices for the Tour d'horizon Cruises

Adult (10% discount for people over 65 y.o.)16 €
Child (from 1 to 12 y.o.)10 €
Child less than 1 y.o.Free
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  • Photo 1 : Outing on a GRAND BLEU
  • Photo 2 : The GRAND BLEUs and catamaran DAUPHIN SAFARI
  • Photo 3 : On a GRAND BLEU
  • Photo 4 : Dolphins watching
  • Photo 5 : Outing on the DAUPHIN SAFARI
  • Photo 6 : Dolphins watching
  • Photo 7 : Whales watching
  • Photo 8 : Whales watching
  • Photo 9 : Meet dolphins on Grand Bain outing
  • Photo 10 : Outing on a GRAND BLEU
  • Photo 11 : Whales watching
  • Photo 12 : Outing on a GRAND BLEU
  • Photo 13 : Outing on a GRAND BLEU
  • Photo 14 : Outing on a GRAND BLEU
  • Photo 15 : Outing on a GRAND BLEU

 "Adventure" outing (duration 1H15) on Ti Zoorit:
Enjoy a special moment in a small group of 12 people, and discover dolphins and whales! Enjoy this moment of tranquility with these animals.

Prices for the "Adventure" outings

SINGLE price25 €
Online reservation for AVENTURES trip

 "Grand bain" outing (duration 2H30):
Make your dream come true by swimming with cetaceans (according to weather conditions and current regulations)!
You will be taken care of by a diving instructor and an experienced crew in order to live an exceptional moment while respecting the cetacean approach charter.
On the program: launch, snack, fun and safety.
The material will be provided.
From 10 years old.

Prices for the "Grand Bain" outings

Per person80 €
Accompanying persons40 €
Online reservation for GRAND BAIN trip


Our company also offers tours at sea on our sailing catamarans CATA PASSION, CAT'ANANAS and CAT'ALIZÉ
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