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Quad bike in Reunion island

Quad in the East of Reunion Island

Quad bikes appeared in the 80s. They are all-terrain vehicles with four wheels fitted with engines ranging from 50 to 500 cc. The quad is a hybrid between a motorbike and a car, and only qualified models can be used on roads open to traffic.
Above all it is necessary that the quad is approved, then you must wear a helmet (also approved) and of course you must be properly insured.

Finally, do not forget your driver's license!

Our partner :
Est Rando Quad
Quad bike outings

In the East of Reunion, EST RANDO QUAD invites all those who want to discover this region (and other spots of the island) otherwise to make the unforgettable experience of a quad ride. Accessible to all, this outing is supervised by a qualified guide who will take you into Reunion’s Nature for sensations guaranteed in grandiose landscapes.
Quad bike outings

Practice spots

Quad riders like to go through the landscapes of the Reunion Island.
The guides will suggest to you to discover the East of the Island, riding in the fields and the wildness of this part of the Island.

Anyhow, let your professional guide help you discover the best places to practice this exhilarating sport.