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Parachute jumping in Reunion

Parachute jumping in Reunion island

Dropped from a small plane or a helicopter at an altitude between 3000 and 3800 m, you’ll find yourself alone in the sky (with the tandem pilot...), the island of Reunion below. A skydive lasts about 50 seconds at a speed of 200 km / h, before the parachute opens at 1500 m. Then there is a downhill stroll under sail for four minutes. Thrills guaranteed, pure happiness!
There are no specific contraindications for practicing parachute jumping and skydiving. Obviously, you should be in good physical but also moral condition.

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Tandem Jumping

tandem jumping instructor
The first jump is a tandem jump, that is with an instructor strapped to your back. He will be the one to give the impulse when jumping from the plane and then direct the parachute. You can be photographed and even filmed during your jump.

It is possible to jump "alone" the first time without an instructor on the back but accompanied by two instructors. For this, you must train in a special programe called “PAC” (Progression Accompagnée en Chute, that is Accompanied Free-fall Progress).