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Discover the flora and fauna in Reunion island

Aquarium of Reunion island

Already overwhelmed by what they will find along the hiking trails, the curious little ones will still rave observing the flora and fauna of Reunion in some specialized institutions.
The Aquarium de la Réunion, located on the marina of the resort of Saint Gilles les Bains, is a genuine showcase of the underwater life of the Indian Ocean; 600 000 liters of seawater faithfully recreate the different submarine landscapes of the island (coral reefs, volcanic cliffs, deep reef, big blue), where many species representing the marine biodiversity of Reunion evolve. Indeed several basins host 500 fish and 200 species of the reef life of the island.
Another way to inform and raise awareness about the importance of preserving the natural environment is to observe the impressive turtles in Saint Leu, or share the knowledge and experiments of the Conservatoire Botanique.

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Aquarium de la Réunion
Over 500 fish from the Indian Ocean

At the heart of St Gilles les Bains, the AQUARIUM DE LA REUNION presents the Indian Ocean's underwater flora and fauna along a fun and educational tour to offer visitors a magical and unforgettable moment. 600,000 liters of seawater faithfully recreate various underwater landscapes of the island in which a wide range of Reunion's marine biodiversity evolves .
Over 500 fish from the Indian Ocean