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ENIGMA RUN - Live escape game in St. Denis, Reunion Island

Who is the game for?

No need to be sporty to investigate! If you’re a pregnant woman, or of you are just not sporty (even wheelchairs have access to certain rooms), and children aged 10 and over can put their skills and their judgment into solving puzzles (between 10 and 15 years old, young persons must be accompanied by an adult who can guide them in this sometimes complex game).
Please note that our missions are not so frightening so as to shock a sensitive player.


A game-master will welcome you and will brief you before the game (10 mn), so even if the game lasts 60 mn, allow 1 hour 30 mn on the spot. Tip: get there 15 minutes before the start of the mission, any delay would be deducted from the 60-minute time allowed for the mission (to avoid penalizing the following players).

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Our missions

The Legend of the Samurai

In the residence of the Kajimotos, the family of an illustrious samurai, spies working for the secret services (you and your team mates) will have to discover their secret to get out ...

The Emperor himself has sent you and your fellow investigators to discover what the descendants of a legendary shogun hide.
You have been trapped after slipping inside their home, so all you can do is make use of your knowledge to get out ... and stay zen!

60 mn
4-5 participants

Al Capone's Lair

This adventure will take you back to the twenties, when Al Capone reigned supreme on the prohibition trade in the United States.

Based in Chicago, famous Al Capone and his men make a juicy trade out of prohibition in the fields of alcohol and gambling.
You are stuck in their clandestine den, and you will need a good deal of self-control and common sense to foil the mafia nervis who assist the tenacious gang leader...

60 mn
3-4 participants

As of 2019, new missions

A horror room "Oppression"

Dive into the strange world of a dark forest where you have gone astray ... Cardiacs abstain!

A 6-10 year old "Samurai Kids" room

Young detectives must help the emperor to find his magic crystal ball ... (a mandatory adult + a playmate who accompanies)

3 treasure hunts

* The puppeteer, mortal puzzle at Le Barachois

* The puppeteer, imminent danger in La Trinité

* Junior Detective

We are flexible!
- Reservations can be changed up to 5 days before the reserved date.
- Cancellation with refund possible up to 7 days before the reserved date (retention of 2 € for application fees).
- Possible addition of players at the last moment (they must show up at the beginning of the game and pay then), maximum 5 players.

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  • Photo 1 : The legned of the Samourai
  • Photo 2 : Enigma Run
  • Photo 3 : Enigma Run
  • Photo 4 : In Al Capone's lair
  • Photo 5 : Enigma Run
  • Photo 6 : Enigma Run
  • Photo 7 : Enigma Run
  • Photo 8 : Enigma Run
  • Photo 9 : Enigma Run
  • Photo 10 : Enigma Run
  • Photo 11 : Enigma Run


Established according to the number of players, our rates also vary according to the days of the week and the hours:

Tuesday -> Friday (9am - 5.30pm)
Team of 3 players: 28 € / player
Team of 4 players: 25 € / player
Team of 5 players: 22 € / player

Tuesday -> Friday (5:30 pm - 10 pm)
Saturday and Sunday (9am - 10pm)
Team of 3 players: 32 € / player
Team of 4 players: 29 € / player
Team of 5 players: 26 € / player

Means of payment: Credit card, cash

Think of offering gift certificates!

We also offer special offers for companies and the privatization of our structure, please consult us.

Consult the schedule of proposed missions:

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