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RICARIC - Canyoning, rafting, lava tunnels,... in Reunion Island


In a pristine natural environment, rock slides, waterfalls, gorges, pools and rivers of Reunion are all fantastic playing fields for canyoning enthusiasts that allow sliding, abseiling, jumping, zip lines in a sublime and unforgettable verdant Nature often in the heart of Reunion National Park classified World Heritage of Humanity.

Our State graduated and experienced insider guides know these locations thoroughly and will take beginners or seasoned practitioners in the more or less sporting yet ever fun courses for half day or day adventures in the mythical canyons of Reunion.

Ricaric will lend you the right equipment (5mm wetsuits with hood + protective gear + neoprene shirt and socks in austral winter) but it is for you to provide sports clothes, sports shoes, picnic, bottle of water, change of clothes, and a Civil
Liability insurance with bodily injury coverage.

Ricaric offers about twenty canyons of various levels of difficulty throughout the island, from the most accessible to the most impressive.

From 8 years old!

Discover all the canyons proposed by Ricaric HERE!

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Lava tunnels

The Piton de la Fournaise is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Access to incandescent gerbes of an eruption has become very difficult, if not impossible.

Lava flows are discharged into the enclosed part of the volcano in the "wild south" of the island (2.5 and 4 hour expeditions in St Philippe). They have also formed the island as a whole (caving expedition of Grande Ravine in the West).
Go behind the scenes, invisible from the outside, with Ricaric’s state Graduate Speleology guides during an exploration of a half day ...

In St. Philippe, no need to bend in cavities or crawl through narrow passages, you will smoothly saunter through Lava galleries to discover the volcanic shapes and colors each more amazing than the last.


In the "wild south" on the lava road or on the west coast for a more athletic course in the blue basin tunnel, you will contemplate unusual formations of an old Piton des Neiges lava tunnel. Whether it's the old Piton des Neiges or the new Piton de la Fournaise, you'll discover wonders that only nature can offer.

Come in light clothes, shirt and thin trousers (it can be quite hot in there, so provide a change of clothes) and walking shoes, plus a bottle of water and a raincoat for possible showers in the approach. Specific equipment is provided (helmet, gloves, kneepads and head lamp).

Activity not recommended for people with asthma, claustrophobia, heart disease and pregnant women.

From 6 years old!


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  • Photo 1 : Le Trou de Fer
  • Photo 2 : Discover Reunion Island differently
  • Photo 3 : 3 bassins 1
  • Photo 4 : Grain Galet
  • Photo 5 : Ricaric
  • Photo 6 : Trou Blanc
  • Photo 7 : Slide
  • Photo 8 : Dudu
  • Photo 9 : Zip line
  • Photo 10 : Grain Galet
  • Photo 11 : Takamaka
  • Photo 12 : Fleur Jaune
  • Photo 13 : Lava tunnel in St. Philippe
  • Photo 14 : Under the surface
  • Photo 15 : Light well
  • Photo 16 : Trace of a tree
  • Photo 17 : St. Philippe
  • Photo 18 : Canyon and lava tunnel of Grande Ravine
  • Photo 19 : Canyon and lava tunnel of Grande Ravine
  • Photo 20 : Cavong in Grande Ravine
  • Photo 21 : Rock climbing initiation for kids
  • Photo 22 : Big wall of Cilaos
  • Photo 23 : Les Trois Salazes


from 55 €

Lava tunnels:
from 50 €


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