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GILLES DUBESSET, Agil Rando Reunion - Hikes and treks

With Agil Rando Reunion, Gilles offers a range of hikes and treks that can take one or several days. Depending on your wishes and your level, he can offer personalized tours in addition to his program of hikes.

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The "classic hikes"

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One day trip :
Mafate "Cayenne" (average level) : North Mafate with a 4WD approach then walk up to two hamlets (Cayenne, Grand Place) with a swim in the river
The Piton de la Fournaise volcano (average level) : off-trail approach, with unique views of the two main craters
Bélouve Forest (easy), and depending of the weather, the waterfalls of Le Trou de Fer
Cilaos and the waterfalls (easy) : at Bras Rouge

Two days trip :
The Piton des Neiges from Cilaos (average level - difficult) : climbing to the highest peak of the Indian Ocean (10,000 ft)

The “favourites”

Half day trip:
Dos d'Ane Cap Noir - Roche Verre Bouteille (easy)

One day trip:

The volcano and La Plaine des Sables (easy) : hiking, often off-trail, in the middle of the lunar landscape of Plaine des Sables
Belouve from Salazie (average level)
Salazie: Piton of Anchaing (difficult)
Cilaos and its waterfalls: la Chapelle (average level)
Les Makes (easy to average level)

Two days trip
Mafate : many trips are proposed

For Trail lovers

From March to September, Gilles offers Trail trainings once a month, especially for those wishing to participate in the Grand Raid (and finish it!). On request, he can develop a specific training over several days.

Gilles adapts to your needs and can develop treks over several days.

N.B.: Hiking possible according to the weather

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  • Photo 1 : Le Trou de Fer
  • Photo 2 : At the top of the Piton des Neiges
  • Photo 3 : Le Piton des Neiges
  • Photo 4 : Hiking in the lush vegetation
  • Photo 5 : The primary forest of Bélouve
  • Photo 6 : Tec-tec
  • Photo 7 : The Trou de Fer''s waterall
  • Photo 8 : Volcano Piton de la Fournaise
  • Photo 9 : Volcano Piton de la Fournaise
  • Photo 10 : Above the clouds
  • Photo 11 : view from the volcano
  • Photo 12 : Expedition on the volcano
  • Photo 13 : Sunset on the volcano
  • Photo 14 : Walking down the volcano
  • Photo 15 : Gilles in Mafate
  • Photo 16 : Mafate
  • Photo 17 : Piton de sucre in Cilaos
  • Photo 18 : view from the Cap Noir
  • Photo 19 : On a trail in Mafate
  • Photo 20 : Picnic in Bélouve
  • Photo 21 : Crossing the Rivière des Galets
  • Photo 22 : Gorge de la Chapelle
  • Photo 23 : Agil Rando Réunion


Rates on my website https://www.lesrandosdegilles.com

To have an idea :

- From 30€ per adult for half-day hike, to 50€ for one day hike (65€ for Mafate Cayenne due to the 4WD transfers). Child 6 to 16 y.o. : from 15 € to 50€

Over two days or more:
- Please contact me! Rates depend on the number of hikers and on the hikes. Half-board is between 40€ and 60€ according to the stopover gites.


* Tapering rates for established groups. Please contact me for the transfers

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