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Sea monsters at the Museum

Exhibition held at the Museum of Natural History of the Jardin de l’Etat in Saint-Denis
Sea monsters at the Museum

Jules Verne’s sea monsters have always aroused curiosity and terror, all the more since at the time, they knew nothing of the ocean floor. Scientists have since validated the existence of some creatures born from the imagination of this writer of genius. Literature enthusiasts, science fiction and thrill lovers, still have time to visit the exhibition held at the Museum of Natural History of the Jardin de l’Etat in Saint-Denis.

Until December 31st 2013, the Museum of Natural History of Reunion Island in partnership with IFREMER and the LAC (Location of Contemporary Art) of artist Vincent Mengin-Lecreulx presents an exhibition as a round trip between imagination, literature and scientific reality through 12 windows. Each one features animals from prehistory to the present day from a representation of Jules Verne. Vincent Mengin-Lecreulx’s works of art, conducted in collaboration with the Museum’s taxidermist, take place in the central space on the ground floor.

Long mysterious, the deep sea has never ceased to excite the human imagination and feed the most terrifying fantasies. They have thus given many stories where the strangest creatures competed with cruelty.

Over time and thanks to advances in technology, men went off to meet the dreaded species described by Jules Verne and Victor Hugo. Since the second half of the twentieth century, the rational and scientific exploration of the ocean floor has demystified the fanciful stories of our writers. Scientists have identified, classified, recognized species although the limitless human imagination hasn’t run out yet, as one can see in the many books and films of contemporary science fiction.

Also, do not miss the opportunity, as you visit St. Denis, the Jardin de l’Etat and the superb Creole mansions in the street of Paris, to see a series of documentaries and short films on the theme of "sea monsters" broadcasted as part of this exhibition. Note a few treasures like "life cycle" of the Japanese director, Iwasaki Hiromishi on February 3rd at 3p.m...


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