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Thalassotherapy and Thermal baths

Thermal baths in Cilaos

The volcanic nature of Reunion gave it carbonated springs charged mainly with bicarbonate, magnesium, iron and calcium, and with many therapeutic properties. Gushing out at a temperature between 32 and 38° C (between 80 and 100°F), these waters are collected deep down in order to preserve their purity. Thus Reunion can pride itself on offering, in Cilaos, the only Spa in the Indian Ocean.

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Unlike spas which use spring water for their care, thalassotherapy (from the Greek word Thalassa, meaning sea) uses sea water, sand, mud and seaweed with beneficial trace elements and mineral salts. These seawater spa treatments are often associated with a "spa" specially dedicated to beauty and relaxation, all this along with a iodized atmosphere in harmony with the nearby beaches.