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Bus networks

From and to airports in Reunion island

The T line : Roland Garros Airport (Gillot) of Saint Denis <--> St. Pierre
Line T of the Car Jaune network connects Roland Garros airport in St Denis/Ste Marie with the bus stations of St Denis and St Paul, the western seaside towns, Pierrefonds airport, and Saint Pierre.
And of course, in both directions of the course!

Consult the timetables for the T bus from Rolland Garros airport <--> St Pierre (in both directions).

You can also rent a car from the car rental companies at the airport Rolland Garros.

Car Jaune

car jaune network
The supply of transport on the "Car Jaune" network consists of lines that primarily serve the towns at the periphery of the island, those located on the shore and in the heights of the west coast.

Consult here the timetables of the bus lines of the Car Jaunes network

Car Jaune Info Line: 02 62 81 82 83

Bus network in the heights of the island

There are networks of buses and minibuses serving the villages located in the "heights" of the island (higher in altitude, on the slopes of the mountains), on secondary roads. There are four networks: in the west, south, north and east. Generally, it is possible to buy tickets on the bus. Please note that these networks do not operate entirely on weekends and holidays.

- Town buses in the North Citalis network

The Cinor company manages the Citalis buses,
from St Denis to Ste Suzanne.



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in the North
of the island

- Town buses in the West Kar Ouest network

The Kar'Ouest manages buses from la Possession to St Leu

Kar'Ouest network


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In the West
of the island

Infoline : 0810 45 65 20

- Town buses in the South-West AlterNeo network

"AlterNéo" is an urban transportation network established by the CIVIS

This network serves the towns of Les Avirons, Etang Salé, St Louis, Cilaos, Saint Pierre and Petite Ile.

Line Infos : Tel 0800 355 354

- Town buses in the South Carsud network

"CarSud" is an urban transportation network established by the Casud

This network serves the towns of Le Tampon, l'Entre-Deux, Saint-Joseph and Saint-Philippe.

Info line : Tel 0800 000 253

- Town buses in the East Alize Estival network

The Cirest manages the Alizé buses from St André to la Plaines des Palmistes.

This network serves the towns of St André, Bras Panon, Saint Benoit, Sainte Rose, Plaines des Palmistes and Salazie.

Info line: St André Bus station 02 62 46 80 00