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Motorbike rentals in Reunion island

Scooter at the beach of Boucan canot

Riding a two wheeled vehicle is a great way to discover Reunion Island otherwise. The rather busy road network and the sunny climate encourage to travel by motorcycle, scooter or bicycle.
You must however be careful about traffic patterns on the island and adapt to local roads. They can be winding, narrow, steep, with a coating sometimes damaged by the austral summer rains(December-March). That's why it is better to be an experienced biker to ride in Reunion.

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Motorbike and scooter rentals

Motorcycle Rentals
You will access all places of interest in Reunion without worrying about the traffic conditions. It is a pleasure to handle the curves of the island's mountain roads, all the way down to the coastal road.
To rent a motorbike over 125 cm³, you must have a valid motorcycle A license. 125 cm³ motorcycles can be driven by holders of a "Brevet de Sécurité routière" (BSR) or a A1 driver's license. Foreign driving licenses are often accepted, but you should make sure with the renter. Be aware that renters do not usually offer a comprehensive insurance for rented motorcycles. Instead, a damage deposit is requested on delivery, not cashed, and given back on return of the bike.

Scooter Rentals
On a scooter, you'll be able to tour around your place of accomodation. It is, for example, very pleasant to travel on a scooter in the beach area in the west ! On the other hand, this way of travelling is not recommended for long journeys, in the mountains or the cirques.
To rent a 50 cm³ scooter, no license is required. From 50 to 125 cm³, a BSR or a A1 driver's license is sufficient. Beyond 125 cm³, it is necessary to have a motorcycle license.


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