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Table d'hotes Le Relais de Mafate

A natural sanctuary, the cirque of Mafate is now part of the Heart of the inhabited National Park of Reunion, classified World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010. Its difficult access is due to its rugged and chaotic landscape, preventing the road and modern civilization to enter. The most inaccessible and most removed of the three cirques of Reunion has become the undisputed paradise for hikers. Synonymous with isolation, loneliness and inaccessibility, it is scattered here and there with many ilets (little hamlets), where life flows peacefully ...

The "Réunion lontan"

Rougail boucane bringelle in La Nouvelle

There are only two ways of getting in or out of the cirque: that of the air and hiking trails. For the Mafatese who can not afford trips by helicopter, several hours are needed to go shopping on foot on the coast. A small local and family production (corn, lentils, peas ...) enables people to meet some of their needs and provide the tables d'hotes for visitors. As for livestock, it is often limited to one or two hens (poulé la kour), a pig and a goat to feed the family. It's the Réunion lontan (« yesteryear's Reunion »). This may explain why the food found there has a different flavor …