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Enjoy Action games

Laser game in Reunion island

To share a moment of conviviality and complicity with family or friends, indulge in action games!
Indoor laser games or paintball in the wilderness, choose your environment to relive the joys of hide and seek and feel the adrenaline rush of a friendly battle!

Another kind of equally friendly yet quieter activity is the treasure hunt which is, together with the treasure map, a great way to have family fun while discovering Reunion Island’s heritage as you identify to famous pirate La Buse!

Our partners :
Enigma Run
Live Escape
St Denis
1st Live Escape Game in Reunion Island, ENIGMA RUN will make you dive for a brief investigation into the deliciously scary atmosphere of a riddle to solve! For teams of 3 to 5 players, you will have to rely on your team spirit and the skills of each one to get you (physically) out of our themed room and of the out of time adventure in a maximum of 60 minutes...
Live Escape
St Denis

Dédale Escape Game
Escape Game
Le Port
Live an original, fun and informative experience! Immerse yourself in mysterious worlds with your loved ones or colleagues for a life-size escape game at DEDALE ESCAPE GAME at Le Port. Exceptional settings, scary atmospheres and 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and get away! Fun with friends, family or team building ... Thrills guaranteed!
Escape Game
Le Port

Laser game et Paint-ball

Laser game Reunion island

Laser game

In the north and in the south of the island, laser game companies make available mazes lined with obstacles on several levels, each offering a different universe, in a darkness tinted with black light and smoke. With a chest protector and a high tech laser gun, track down your opponents and thwart their ruses in a lively music!
The goal: to "touch" the maximum number of people on the other team while avoiding shots of other players. Chills and laughter guaranteed! (Players must be taller than 1.20 m due to the length of the cable.)

Paint Ball Reunion island


If you prefer to "operate" in a natural environment, rather opt for paintball. Everybody in the world has known this activity since the 1980s. Reunion is not spared and many companies now offer novices (over 12 years old) as well as experienced enthusiasts to "compete" in group games involving teamwork, developing tactics and even real strategies! Equipped with protection (helmet and breastplate) and a weapon set (a "marker"), you will go to attack the opposing team in a scenario proposed by the organizers.