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BALADES CRÉATIVES - Short hikes with live performance Reunion Island

Recent years have seen flowering dramatized outings around the planet. In Reunion, Benjamin Clément, a young Reunionese man, decided after studying business in 2015 to start his own small business by offering walks that combine nature and culture.

His goal: to showcase what is not necessarily seen in the landscape. Including history, but especially the forgotten tales and legends that survive only in the collective imagination, in the memory of the locals.

Each proposed walk is an original creation of the company, which attracts a mixed audience combining history buffs, nature lovers, tourists and locals, ready to embark on the adventure, sneakers on their feet. The places visited are little known and accessible to family audiences.
Comedians, musicians and storytellers, all different for each outing, will share their crazy creativity and will surprise you popping out from unexpected places.

Since the walks take you in Nature, it will also be an opportunity to become aware of the fragility of Reunion’s biodiversity.

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• Marronnage à l’Etang St Paul (1 hour, easy level, St. Paul) in the Natural Reserve of the marshes of St. Paul’s pond, birds, cattle ... and lovers come to share their secrets ...

• Sur les traces d’Héva et Anchaing (1 hour 45 min, Easy level, La Possession): follow our local guide to travel to another space-time, that of Heva and Anchaing, two runaway slaves whose unusual love story still resonates today ...

• Cap sur Terre Rouge (1 hour 30 min, Easy level, St Joseph) in the singular volcanic scenery of Vincendo’s seaside, the two gossips Marguerite & Ernestine evoke treasure, geological curiosities, the famous Cap Jaune and the Indian Ocean through local legends and memories of local residents.

• Anbrat Bras Cabot (1 hour, easy, Plaine des Palmistes): Take time to stroll in the waterlogged environment conducive to endemic plants of Bras Cabot. In this damp landscape René and Agathe fight out of jealousy ...

• Ti Zan Si Largamasse (1 hour 30 min, easy, volcano area): the Piton de la Fournaise holds many mysteries ... Hear now the stories of Ti Jean! Gran Diab and Gran Mèr Kal are never far away ...

• Sans Culotte Li minm minm (1 hour 15 min, average (difference of level 200 m), Saint Leu) : discover History with a capital H, from the 18th to the 21st century, along the paved trail of St Leu, over small, sung or danced musical stories by the joyful troubadours of the troupe.

Li minm minm (1 hour 15 min, very easy, Le Port) Two childhood friends Kal Tinet and Mèt Lo Son will guide you in the streets of Le Port, from the historic district square to the Buttes Citronnelles district through their childhood memories. In this poetic and melancholy stroll, they tell, sing, dance and draw the history of the town of Le Port and its inhabitants through football games improvised in the Caca alley, the little train that used to run through the city or the children who used to make fun of the church's priest.

• Grand Bord (1:30, easy, Maïdo) with a view of the Grand Bénare and the Piton des Neiges, the Maido is a magnificent setting to evoke the lonely souls of the streets of Reunion, including Mimi la Folle ...

• La charrette enchantée du Chemin Bottard (1 hour 30 min, Easy, St Gilles les Bains): a nice way to (re) discover the Ravine St Gilles, its flora and fauna, with some songs. Here the theme of healing is mentioned, the magic is invoked ... in the remains of a convalescent home and in the memories of Leconte de Lisle’s poems ...

• Eden (1 hour, very easy, Bras Panon): in the primary forest of Liberia which dominates the eastern side of the island, Charles, your learned guide, will show you the endemic animals and plants but also the legends that lead to this paradise ...

• Ti Sab (1 hour 30 min, easy, Trois Bassins Les Bas): hearty Oceane and Rose-May will take you along to discover the coast of their Western town, three Trois Bassins, and its treasures, real or invented ... by Bibique, the famous treasure hunter, for example. In a mixed natural setting, between savannah and coves with crystal clear water, Benjamin will guide you on this beach frequented mostly by fishermen and nudists, and you will discover the secrets of its coves, its strange creatures of Reunion’s folklore ...

• Ma savane à moi (1 hour 15 min, easy, l'Eperon): discover the golden savanna of Cape La Houssaye from the historical, archaeological, geographical or scientific points of views through Gladys, Véronique and Irénée's childhood memories ... You will see this "wasteland" differently after this little tour in the tall grass of the West Coast ...

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  • Photo 1 : Marronnages à l'Etang St Paul
  • Photo 2 : Marronnages à l'Etang St Paul
  • Photo 3 : Marronnages à l'Etang St Paul
  • Photo 4 : Cap sur Terre Rouge
  • Photo 5 : Cap sur Terre Rouge
  • Photo 6 : Eden
  • Photo 7 : Eden
  • Photo 8 : La charrette enchantée du Chemin Bottard
  • Photo 9 : La charrette enchantée du Chemin Bottard
  • Photo 10 : La charrette enchantée du Chemin Bottard
  • Photo 11 : Sur les traces d'Héva et Anchaing
  • Photo 12 : Sur les traces d'Héva et Anchaing
  • Photo 13 : Sur les traces d'Héva et Anchaing
  • Photo 14 : Ti Zan si Largamasse
  • Photo 15 : Ti Zan si Largamasse
  • Photo 16 : Ma savane à moi
  • Photo 17 : See you soon!




From € 12 to € 18


Please come with sneakers and
comfortable clothes, a hat
or a cap and a bottle of water!


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