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J'ESCAPE - Escape game in Saint Pierre, Reunion island

Room 1: The space station (3-6 players)
You are stuck in the middle of space in a space station over which you no longer have any control. It has just suffered the shock of a meteorite which deviated your trajectory and directs you at full speed on Earth.
Your mission: reach the annex ship in less than an hour, which will save you from a tragic fate.

Room 2: Living parcels (2 players)
After an eventful evening, you are sequestered in a wooden crate that will take you on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Fortunately, you are not alone! Your evening partner finds himself in the same situation as you.
Your mission: Communicate with your ally to escape from this crate before the big crossing. Departure in 70min.

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Room 3: The Diamond Mine (3-5 players)
An abandoned diamond mine has been the scene of a strange disappearance.
Your mission: assemble your team of detectives to solve this mysterious investigation within an hour.

Room 4: The diamond mine – for kids (3-5 players, with 1 accompanying adult)
Treasure hunt for 6-10 year olds: an abandoned mine is full of wonderful treasures: a shower of diamonds!
Your mission: to effectively use all possible tips to get your hands on this coveted treasure.
Please note: for a birthday, bring your own cakes and drinks and share them on our terrace after the adventure!

Room 5: The prison (2 players)
You are not that innocent and neither is your colleague, but spending 15 years behind bars is out of the question! A well-crafted and organized plan could allow you to get away from it all, but everything must go well.

Gift vouchers
Consider giving your friends and family fun! (vouchers between € 25 and € 120).

Team-building operation for companies
To develop team spirit, coordination, time management and the proper distribution of roles in a fun and original way!

We are open 7 days a week
from 10:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The duration of the game is 60 min except for the “living parcel” room (70 min).

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  • Photo 1 : On your way to adventure!
  • Photo 2 : The space station
  • Photo 3 : Get back to the station!
  • Photo 4 : The space station
  • Photo 5 : Living parcels
  • Photo 6 : Get out of this container!
  • Photo 7 : Living parcels
  • Photo 8 : Living parcels
  • Photo 9 : Living parcels
  • Photo 10 : The diamond mine
  • Photo 11 : Find the missing persons!
  • Photo 12 : The diamond mine
  • Photo 13 : The diamond mine for kids
  • Photo 14 : The prison
  • Photo 15 : Get out of there quick!


 2 persons3 persons4 persons5 persons6 persons
Evenings / Weekend70 €120 €120 €120 €126 €
Day70 €99 €100 €100 €102 €


The evening / weekend rate starts at 4.30 p.m. during the week and is in effect all weekend.

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9 chemin Maxime Rivière
97410 St Pierre

Reunion Island

(+262) 06 93 85 00 08

Lat. : -21.349998
Long. : 55.510523