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VR PARADOXE - Arcade and escape games in Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (“VR”)?

These last few years, teams of IT developers designed virtual reality games that offer unusual puzzles and breathtaking graphics!
Whether you are a fan of video games or not, virtual reality addresses everyone, without exception and without danger, and aims to develop cooperation between players, perfect for families, groups of friends or colleagues, stimulating team-building!

The emotions felt can be strong (possible dizziness for people who are sensitive to it, possible motion sickness in 1% of cases) but with virtual reality you will always be safe!

Our equipment
• High-performance gaming PC: HP OMEN Obelisk PC
• High-end sound reproduction (on headphones or speakers) with 3D spatial sound
• HTC VIVE PRO headset, high definition screen, with very realistic colors and details, to integrate a stunning virtual reality.

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Our formulas

Team building for companies
Develop team spirit in an original and fun way with this collaborative experience that requires coordination, reflection and communication!
Our fully equipped and connected meeting room is at your disposal (up to 16 people).

From 8 years old, your child can offer his friends (from 6 to 8 participants) an original and unforgettable birthday!
You can choose solo or multiplayer games according to the tastes and ages of the players.
Optional: in our private room, sweets, drinks and cakes.
Duration: 2 hours
Invitation cards to print.

Bachelorette / stag parties
To “mark the occasion” before D-Day, we welcome you (group of 6 to 16 people) in our 8 virtual reality stations.
Arcade or escape games, solo or multiplayer, great atmosphere guaranteed!
Our gift for the bride / groom: the virtual reality session!

Gift cards
What could be better than offering emotions to our friends, family, children, colleagues?
A wonderful idea which is materialized by a plastic or digital card (virtual of course!) to be sent by email to the lucky recipient!

Our arcade games

You will inevitably find in our selection of 30 video games (renewed regularly) something to have fun with!
Whether you are alone or with others, choose your atmosphere, from elves to cyber ninjas, aliens and zombies! Discovery, strategy, adventure, sport, shooting or fun adventure for children, everyone will find the experience that suits them.

Our escape games

Our escape games are practiced in groups of 2 to 4 players, but 2 teams can play at the same time, guaranteed emulation!
With an average duration of 50 minutes, they offer more or less difficult levels, and challenge you to solve puzzles to get out of the adventure in a given time, favoring collaboration between players.
The technology used here allows immersion in virtual worlds without worrying about danger or overly expensive settings. Here too, the universes offered are very varied and only have the fertile imagination of their creators as a limit: the mysteries of the Egyptian pyramids, of ancient Greece (Assasin's Creed versions) or of a haunted monastery, a sanctuary with extraordinary animals, the dreamlike world of Incarna, the anxiety-provoking universe of a prison or of a city under the threat of terrorism, or even an adventure of anticipation in the shoes of a cyborg…

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  • Photo 1 : Virtual Reality awaits!
  • Photo 2 : Plunge into Virtual Reality!
  • Photo 3 : Our premises
  • Photo 4 : Our game room with a futurist design
  • Photo 5 : High quality equipment
  • Photo 6 : VR Paradoxe
  • Photo 7 : With friends
  • Photo 8 : With workmates
  • Photo 9 : Lively moments with the family
  • Photo 10 : Games adapted for children
  • Photo 11 : Escape game The Lost Pyramid
  • Photo 12 : Escape game The Lost Pyramid
  • Photo 13 : Elven Assassin1
  • Photo 14 : Jungle Quest
  • Photo 15 : Sairento VR, cyber ninja,
  • Photo 16 : Incarna
  • Photo 17 : Sanctum
  • Photo 18 : Richie's plank experience
  • Photo 19 : The meeting room
  • Photo 20 : See you soon!






Escape Games 30 € / person

Video games: 30 € / hour


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Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., by reservation
Closed on Mondays (except during school holidays)

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