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Gites, Guest Houses - Cirque of Mafate

There are 22 accommodations pour Gites, Guest Houses - Cirque of Mafate.

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Gte Fleur des Orangers

In a hamlet at the end of the world, accessible only on foot (or by helicopter), the GÎTE FLEUR DES ORANGERS is a modern structure offering a warm welcome. Your host Daniella is a local girl who is eager to welcome hikers in the dormitories of her gite opened in 2019 and offer them a place at her table d’hotes in the evening and morning.

Gite and table dhotes
let des Orangers

Relais de Mafate

LE RELAIS DE MAFATE welcome you to la Nouvelle! From a single bed in dorm rooms to comfortable bedrooms in our bungalows, as well as the double bedrooms of the gite, we offer our customers different types of accommodation for the night so as to satisfy them as much as possible, with a total capacity of 62 persons. Table d’hotes, grocery store.

Gite and Bungalows
La Nouvelle

Gte Chez le Facteur

If you are looking for a mafataise atmosphere good kid after a hike among breathtaking landscapes, then stay at the GITE at the FACTOR in the Îlet des Orangers. René is a factor in Mafate and, with his wife Christelle, also offers shelter and shelter in this secluded island accessible by the Canalisation des Orangers and the Maïdo.

Gite and table dhtes
Ilet des Orangers

Gte Le Jacquier

At the end of the Canalisation des Orangers, an easy 5 hour hike with breathtaking landscapes, you will find the Îlet des Lataniers, where the GITE LE JACQUIER awaits you. The family of Jean-Marie Timon, former postman in Mafate, offers you the lodging (in dormitories or double rooms) and a table d’hote, and a comforting stop in their small bar-shop.

Table dhote
let des Lataniers

Gte Bellevue

In the famous Islet des Orangers, accessible by the Maïdo or the canalization of the Orangers, Mrs. Louise offers you lodging and lodging at the GÎTE BELLEVUE, the aptly named. 15 people can stop there and stay in dormitory or double room, and also eat there a kitchen "pei".

Dorms and double room

Ilet des Orangers

Gte Cernot

In a garden of a thousand flowers come and relax at Madame Cernot''s who provides food and shelter in the village of la Nouvelle in Mafate. With a total capacity of 38 people, the cottage offers dorms for 3, 4, 6 or 12 persons and double rooms. Dinner possible at the table d’hotes.

Gite La Nouvelle

Gte Piton Calumets

The GITE PITON CALUMETS awaits you in an exceptional setting in the heart of the cirque of Mafate! Anita and Florent Bilin, your charming hosts, will make you discover the sense of the Reunionese hospitality in their two dormitories (total capacity 10 people) and around their table d'hôte where a traditional cuisine based on local products will be served.

Gite and table dhote
Grand Place les Hauts

Gte lose

At the GITE ÉLOÏSE come and meet Eloïse and her family in their house in Grand Place les Hauts. Native of this hamlet in the heart of Mafate, the Thomas family offers a warm welcom a la Creole in an authentic rural Creole house. The gite offers 16 beds in 2 dorms of 8 beds each. You will be welcomed at the table d’hotes in the family house to enjoy a delicious traditional cuisine.

Gite and Table d'hotes
Grand Place les Hauts

Gite Chez Marcel et Dominique

In dormitories or double bedrooms, spend the night in the GITE CHEZ MARCEL AND DOMINIQUE, in Grand Place Hauts (capacity 15 people), not far from the Rivière des Galets flowing below! This family from Mafate awaits you at their table d’hote and in their recent stopover gite to spend an unforgettable evening in a simple and authentic atmosphere.

Double rooms
Grand Place les Hauts

Gte Oro

In the hamlet of la Nouvelle in Mafate, the GITE OREO has been welcoming hikers since 1987. From father to daughter, the tradition continues and Jessica will be happy to welcome you in their two dormitories and a double room, with a total capacity of 14 people. She can also offer dinner at the table d’hote by the fireplace.

Stopover gite Dorms
Double room
La Nouvelle

Gte Chez Johnny

Located in the heart of the most preserved cirque of Reunion Island, Îlet à Bourse is the only hamlet of Mafate where you can see the ocean. Make a stop at the GITE CHEZ JOHNNY, in a dormitory or in the double room of this pretty wooden cottage. Johnny’s conviviality is not an empty promise: musical instruments, large garden with table and benches, veranda ...

Table dhote
Ilet Bourse, Mafate

Gte le Bougainvillier

In Grand Place Ecole, the 3 mates of the GÎTE LE BOUGAINVILLIER are eager to help you discover the accommodation (in 3 dorms of 4 and a double bedroom but also a straw hut, a unique accommodation), the table d'hote, the shop, the botanical trail and sports or cultural activities they have set up on the property of the famous former postman of Mafate ...

Gite, shop and Table d'hotes
Grand Place Ecole

Gte Chez Jean-Louis

Exceptional views, genuine hospitality, absolute calm, that’s what you’ll find at the GÎTE CHEZ JEAN-LOUIS on the heights of Grand Place les Hauts! Jean-Louis and Mirella opened this cottage in 2013 and offer hikers a dormitory of 4, 2 double rooms, and their sense of discreet welcome and sharing.

Grand Place les Hauts

Les Agapanthes - Chez Alina

In Aurère, a pretty little flowered hamlet in Mafate, Alina Timon offers food and shelter in LES AGAPANTHES. Hikers can choose between a double room in the main house, a place in a dorm of 4, or a "comfort" guestroom in one of the two a newer bungalows. The table d’hote can sit up to 20 guests for dinner, and the bar offers carris for lunch ...

Table d'hote

Gte Chez Gigi

At the GITE CHEZ GIGI, in Ilet à Malheur, Gilette and her family will wait on you hand and foot and welcome hikers in a double room, a dormitory or a tent! The more adventurous will bring their own tent which they can pitch in the garden, others can rent a fully equipped tent. All will enjoy a good Creole dinner around the table d’hote!

double room Camp site
Ilet Malheur

Gte Gravina Martial

Along the trail between Marla and la Nouvelle (1:30 from Marla and 45 minutes from la Nouvelle), you can not miss the GITE DE LA PLAINE AUX SABLES. Martial Gravina and his family will warmly welcome you to their gite "lontan" and to their table d''hotes, in an atmosphere out of time and space. Farm products. 02 62 43 01 73

La Plaine aux Sables

Gte Cimendal

In the North of La Nouvelle, just 20 minutes walk, is the pretty hamlet Ilet Cimendal, also called Ilet Cerneau. That is where Marie-Hélène Cernot opened in 2014 the GITE CIMENDAL: 2 bungalows with a total capacity of 13 people, in a garden where you can also pitch a tent. Ms. Cernot also offers dinner and breakfast at her table d'hôte.

Gite and table d'hote
Ilet Cimendal

Gte des Filaos

In the pretty hamlet of Ilet à Malheur, the GITE DES FILAOS also offers, in addition to pre-installed tents, 12 bunk beds in two dormitories of 6. Gilbert Libelle also offers meals at its table d'hote overlooking the hamlet and the hiking trail. Infos at 06 92 53 15 21 or 06 92 48 11 51

Ilet Malheur

Gte Le Poinsettia-Chez Georget Boyer

At the heart of the pretty village of Aurère, you can not miss LE POINSETTIA, Georget Boyer's gite and table d'hotes. His wife Marie-Annick runs the small shop known to all for her good humor, but also because it provides fresh bread to residents and hikers passing through. Originally from this charming end of the world, they offer beds in dormitories and double or triple rooms.


Le Pavillon

In Grand Place les Hauts on a hill with breathtaking views of the mountains, Benoît Boyer offers quality services in a magnificent setting at the GÎTE DU PAVILLON. Beds in a dormitory or in a double room, sleeping is comfortable and the cooking is savoury in this gite which also offers a shop for supplies for hikers.

Gite, shop and
Table d'hotes
Grand Place les Hauts

Gte Crte de la Marianne

With its breathtaking views of the mountains overlooking the Augustave trail, the GÎTE CRÊTE DE LA MARIANNE has been welcoming hikers since late 2014. 4 dorms in two buildings can accommodate up to 20 people, who can also have dinner and breakfast on site. Recent and impeccable service for a relaxing break after a good walk!

Table d'hote
Aurre Mafate

Gte Les Acacias

You will be happy to stop at the GITE LES ACACIAS, a comfortable lodging with a warm welcome, in the village of La Nouvelle in the cirque of Mafate. In a quiet corner of the village, not far from the amenities (shop, bar), you will choose between a bed in a dorm or a double room, as comfortable as the other, then you will feast at their table where the dishes are served as if it were a restaurant!

Bed and board
La Nouvelle